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Download our PDF brochure about human resources management


OpenERP Human Resources provides a complete set of tools that allows companies to manage the most crucial assets in their organization – their workforce. It includes applications for managing  recruitments or performance evaluations. It also provides the tools to track and manage attendance, leaves of absence and timesheets.


Human Resources

The employee directory centralizes all the data related to your employees: from their individual data and photo's, up to their hourly estimated costs which will be used for the time-sheets.  Each employee belongs to a department. The concept of departments is used to structure your company and to manage documents, access rights and validation flows (expenses, timesheet, leaves, recruitments, etc).


Leaves Management

OpenERP allows you to define several allowance types (paid holidays, sickness, etc) and manage them either at company level, at department level or on a case by case basis (e.g. : compensatory time given for extra hours). Leave requests can be recorded by employees and validated by their managers. Each employee can easily check his remaining days before encoding a request. Once a leave request is validated, it appears automatically in the employee's agenda.


Time Tracking

Time Tracking is based on 2 major concepts: attendances and timesheets.

Attendance tracks the time spent by an employee in the office. Employees can sign in and sign out manually. This process can be automated by connecting to an external attendance machine through OpenERP's web-services. 

Timesheets tracks the time spent by an employee on a given project. Employees can fill in a timesheet periodically (on a weekly or monthly basis for instance) and indicate the time spent on different projects and/or analytic accounts. By linking timesheets, hourly costs and analytical accounts, a manager can track the costs spent on a given project. Time sheets can also be used in certain industries to compute the charges to be billed to the final customer.



OpenERP provides a complete solution to manage employees' expenses. During the course of the month, employees record their expenses. At the end of the month, their manager validates their expense sheets. Cost are then allocated on projects/analytic accounts. The accountant validates the proposed entries and the employees can be reimbursed. The company can also charge customers for the employee's expenses at the end of the process.


Evaluation Process

Each employee can be assigned to an evaluation plan. The plan define the frequency and the way periodic personnel evaluations are managed. OpenERP allows you to choose between several types of evaluation processes: bottom-up, top-down, self evaluation and final evaluation by the manager.

Interview Requests are generated automatically by OpenERP according to the employee's evaluation plan. Each manager and eventually colleagues receive automatic emails and requests to perform an evaluation for a given employee. 



Incoming job enquiries can be managed by integrating OpenERP with your email gateway. Every email sent to a dedicated e-mail address (e.g. automatically creates an applicant request and links any attachments such as a CV.  OpenERP allows you to create and manage your own recruitment process by letting you define each step in the process. You can also define automatic e-mails that will be sent to the applicant at any of the recruitment steps (for example an acknowledgement letter at the receipt step or rejection letter at the closing step). You no longer have to worry about keeping candidates updated of where they stand in the recruitment process. 



Many reporting on time and employee trackings are provided. The reporting system is completely integrated with the cost accounting module. It allows you to set up a management by affair and to generate invoices based on costs (human resources, expenses ...). You can also generate time-sheet profit's reports and analyse staff performance.