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OpenERP’s project management can manage projects of any nature. They can be related to Services or Support, Production or Development. It allows you to organize your activities in tasks and plan the work you need to get these tasks completed.

The system allows you to plan your allocation of resources on a short and long term basis. You can schedule automatic email communications to inform  your partners of the project progress status. Gantt diagrams provide graphical representations of your projects, as well as of the resources availability and workload. With the Caldav functionality you can get access to scheduling information on a remote server.



Project Management

Projects. A project contains a set of related activities that will be performed by your company. Any project can be put into a hierarchy, as a child of a Parent Project. This allows you to design a large project structure, very useful for work organization.

Tasks. A project is composed of a set of tasks to be completed. A list view allows the manager to quickly check for task status and make it evolve, delegate tasks, etc. A search tool allows a multi-criteria sort of activities. 

Issues. OpenERP allows you to manage the issues you might face in a project like bugs in a system, client complaints or material breakdowns. A list view allows the manager to quickly check the issues, assign them and decide on their status as they evolve.

Messages. An in-project mailing system permits an efficient and traceable communication between project members. The messages are kept in the system and can then be used for post-analysis. 


Long term planning

Project Phases. You can subdivide your larger projects into several phases. For each phase, you can define your resources allocation (human or engine), describe the different tasks and link your phase with previous and following ones, as well as adding constraints linked with dates and scheduling. A Gantt view of your project is also available from this menu. 


Compute Phase Scheduling. To schedule phases of all projects or only a specified project. It then opens a Gantt view.

Compute Tasks Scheduling. This button has the same purpose as the previous one and is used only for projects that are not cut in phases, but are only made of a list of tasks.



Resources. Get access to all your resources available for your project. You can do multi-criteria research to facilitate your resource selection, by type and company for instance.

Working time. You can define usual working periods for each resource and for each day. Those values will then be used by the system to schedule the project.


Time Tracking

Time-sheets. Employees can encode their time spent on different projects. A project is an analytical account and the time spent on a project will generate costs on the analytic account. 

Working hours. This functionality gives you a list of work done by user, product and analytic account (or project). A search tool allows you to make fine-grained analysis.



Tasks Analysis allows you have access to different information concerning your project tasks such as closing delays, tasks progress, etc. You can sort out tasks by several criteria to get your own customized analysis.

Project Issues. Track your projects issues and fixing delays with a high level of accuracy. A multi-criteria search tool allows a detailed analysis.