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OpenERP CRM and sales management allows you to track your sales activities from the first contact all the way to the fulfilment of the sales order. Leads initiated from the contact form on your website are automatically integrated in the CRM. OpenERP allows you to keep track of all mails and documents exchanged with the customers.

Our integration with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or mobile phone’s allows your team to continue working the way they like, while keeping full synchronisation with leads, opportunities and documents.




A lead is a first, unqualified, contact with a new prospect. Use leads when you import a database of prospects or integrate your website's contact form with OpenERP. After having been qualified, the lead can be converted to a partner and a business opportunity for a further detailed tracking of the related activities.



Opportunities allow you to track the pipeline of your best deals: history of the communication, expected revenues, stage of each opportunity, expected closings, etc. Opportunities are usually connected with the email gateway which allows you to keep the history of the mails exchanged with the customer. Your teams will be able to schedule meetings and phone calls on opportunities, to convert opportunities into quotations, to manage documents related to the opportunity and to track all activities related to this customer.


Sales Orders

The sale order manages the invoicing, the product fulfilment and the delivery processes. OpenERP can handle products, services and consumables. A sale order can trigger tasks, manufacturing orders, purchases, etc. It supports several invoicing methods according to your configuration: from the sale order, the pickings, etc.


Address Book

Customers. The Address book manages your customer list. The form for customers allows you to record details on your customers (address, contacts, price-list, account, etc.). With the history tab, you can follow all moves and transactions related to a customer, like sales order, claims, etc.



The calendar of meetings is shared between sales teams and is fully integrated with the other applications like employee holidays. You can also synchronize meetings with your mobile phone using the caldav interface.


Phone Calls

Easily trace all your Inbound calls. The Inbound menu opens a search view in editable mode, so that you can easily modify or add a new call record. With the action buttons convert a lead into an opportunity or plan a meeting. The Outbound menu opens a search view in editable mode, so that you can easily modify or plan a new call. Action buttons allow you to  make your call status evolve for a better follow up of your planned calls. During calls, convert your lead into an opportunity, plan a meeting or cancel it.



Lines to invoice opens a search view with sale order lines and their status. You can use this menu to create invoices from sale order lines that are already delivered but not invoiced yet.


After Sales Services

Claims. Record and trace your customers' claims here. A claim is defined by a clients name, several types, status and a priority level. A claim can also be a preventive or repairing action. A claim can be linked to a reference like a sales order, or a product lot number. You can send emails with attachments directly from OpenERP and get the history of the claim treatment (emails sent, interventions type, etc.).

Like records and processing of claims, Helpdesk and Support are good tools to trace your interventions. This menu is more adapted to oral communication, which is not necessarily related to a claim. Select a customer, add notes and categorize your interventions with a channel and a priority level.


Fund Raising

Fund Raising. When you wish to support your organization or a campaign, you can trace all your activities for collecting money. The menu opens a search list where you can find fund descriptions, email, history and probability of success. Several action buttons allow you to easily modify your different fund status.



Products category opens a tree structure view of your products by category. In OpenERP, a product is something you can buy and sell. It can be a raw material, a stockable product, a consumable or a service. The product form contains detailed information on the products, like procurement logistic, sales price, product category, suppliers, etc.



Documents give you access to all attached documents; it's a repository of all attached documents (mails, documents attached to a project, etc.)

FAQ is a wiki page used to share frequently asked questions.



With Sales Analysis consult your sales total amount according to different group criteria (salesman, partner, product, etc.)

Leads Analysis allows you to consult different information relative to the CRM. Check for treatments delays, number of responses given and emails sent. You can sort out your leads analysis on different groups to get a detailed analysis.

Opportunities Analysis menu gives you instant access to your opportunities like expected revenue, planned costs, over-passed deadlines or the number of exchanges by opportunities.

Get an analysis of Phone Call numbers and delay to close, stage, user suits to different groups for a global or a more detailed analysis.

Helpdesk allows you to consult different information relative to support demands. Check for treatments delays, number of responses given and emails sent as well as costs. You can sort out your analysis on different groups to get a fine grained analysis. (expression “a fine-grained analysis” à vérifier)

With Fund Raising get at a glance, a view to your fund raising campaigns with the estimated revenues, average probability and delay to close.

Shipments Analysis opens a search view with all your shipments (in and out quantities), their total value, planned and actual dates. You can sort out your analysis on different groups to get fine grained analysis.